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German Stories is an online learning platform, and a podcast: Learn authentic spoken German in small steps with an ongoing story that makes you hungry for more! Suitable for ages 12 and up. All 100 lessons for the level A1++ are closely linked with Paul. He is a regular German guy who gets sucked into a dramatic and mysterious line of events that turn his life upside down.

Lessons with exercises

Boost your German with speaking, reading, listening, and writing exercises. Track your progress with the lesson plan.


Listen to Pauls story with English translation, grammar, and useful learning hints for free. Get German Stories on all podcast apps!

Dynamic transcripts

Instantly see the translations for every single word in Pauls story.

Immersive Learning

An awesome mini app to learn German while playing with words, pictures and audio!

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Upload the grammar directly into your ear with the Grammar Explainer. Review the words with our Vocabulary Coach.

Learn German with Stories

German Stories is the first learning platform that combines all of these 3 features:

Firstly, we pick you up at your level, starting from zero.

Secondly, we lead you to your goal in small steps. There is a constant, low amount of new words, and only a small piece of grammar in each lesson. This way, you don’t get overwhelmed.

Thirdly, we teach you with a full-blown, continuous story. A modern audio drama, made for learners who want something exciting – not the same old-fashioned teaching material with chapters and little stories that have nothing to do with each other. It’s played by over 30 professional voice actors, designed to always make you want to know what happens next episode!

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Immersive Learning

Our Immersive Learning mini app will teach you the words and phrases from each lesson in a smart way using spaced repetition and active recall to make sure you don’t forget them. It keeps track of how good you know every word, and schedules when to review it again. And it mixes up the ways in which it teaches you: multiple choice, single flashcards, order the words, listen and write – you name it!


1 | Ich bin Paul

I am Paul


Topic: greet someone, speak formally
Grammar: personal pronouns: Sie, ich, er

German lessons: 1 | Ich bin Paul / I am Paul: Paul and Meili meeting for the first time Topic: greet someone, speak formally Grammar: personal pronouns: Sie, ich, er

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