27: Wo ist es? | Where is it?

Describe a problem, express compassion & determine the gender of nouns by their meanings: weather words.

Fritz says he’ll be right there to help. Paul wants to ask in the group chat who took the book, but he ends up outright accusing everybody. His friends are outraged, but still somewhat understanding. Nobody admits they took the book, though – so it was theft, not a mistake. But Paul thinks looking for the book is too difficult and wants to give up. He’s not a detective after all. And his parents? He wants to tell them. He’s interrupted in his thoughts as Fritz rings the doorbell. The book was stolen, but who has it? How will his parents react if he tells them? How does Fritz want to help?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/27-wo-ist-es-nouns-gender-weather-words

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