28: Du musst es finden! | You have to find it!

Order somebody to do something, express disappointment & determine the gender of nouns by their meanings: car and motorbike brands, gender summary.

It’s not Fritz who is at the door. Unexpectedly, Paul’s parents are standing in front of him. They bring food so that he doesn’t stay so skinny. Paul’s mother teases his father for boasting about the two girlfriends he had in younger years. That’s when he remembers that he gave Paul the book last time to distract from the topic. Paul must admit it’s gone. They are very angry and disappointed. The book is antique and worth a couple of thousand euros. Paul has to get it back! The search for the book gets serious. Tim did not respond in the group chat. Suspicious! Does he have the book?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/28-du-musst-es-finden-gender-of-nouns-summary

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