31: Meine Hobbys sind … | My hobbies are …

Talk about hobbies, make small talk, four seasons & possessive pronouns: unser(e), euer/eure.

Paul meets Meili “by chance” near the university. He is more clever now: They make small talk about hobbies. He casually asks about Meili’s job and apologizes for what he wrote earlier. It turns out that her message was just a misunderstanding: Meili doesn’t have to work. Her parents pay everything for her. Then she remembers having seen a security camera in the hallway of Paul’s apartment building! Will Paul be able to see who stole the book on the video from the security camera?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/31-meine-hobbys-sind-hobbies-small-talk-possessive-pronouns

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