32: Das Video | The video

Talk about law and permissions, describe people’s actions & noun-noun composites: Wohnungseingang / Hausflur / Hausmeister.

Paul watches the surveillance video in the caretaker’s office. After the party, Meili and Tim didn’t visibly carry his book when leaving his apartment. Neither did Anna and Fritz, but they each had a bag. Paul seems to think his book was in one of the bags. Fritz is a police officer. So the suspicion is narrowed down on Anna … The book is gone, Tim and Meili didn’t do it. Was it Anna?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/32-das-video-describe-peoples-actions

The best way to learn German: Don’t beat yourself up with too many new words

When writing a learning story it’s easy to get carried away by an idea for a dialog. But that can result in an episode having way too many new words. That would be demotivating for you, the learner.
Therefore we counted every word and went through endless writing and re-writing sessions for every episode to make sure that didn’t happen to our story. If you want know why we spent over 1 1/2 years of work before we even published our first lesson, got to german-stories.com/the-best-way-to-learn-german

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