40: Ich kann den Reichstag sehen | I can see the Reichstag

Talk about points of interest, locations, means of transport & the accusative case (den, einen, keinen).

In Berlin, Anna, Fritz and Paul want to go to the Brandenburg Gate. Fritz warns them about pickpockets because Anna’s handbag won’t close. Something square, wrapped in a carrier bag is sticking out. Fritz’s mobile phone rings again, and he walks away so that they can’t hear what he’s talking. That’s when Anna wants to go to a shop for a moment. Paul takes the opportunity to secretly follow her. Is it his book that’s hidden in Anna’s handbag? What is Fritz hiding?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/40-ich-kann-den-reichstag-sehen-accusative-den-einen-keinen

Our easy German learning structure

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We did it the hard way. Hard for us, easy for you: German Stories starts from zero, and leads you to your goal in small steps. Luckily there’s only a little bit of grammar per episode for you to learn. If you’re curious about our motivations behind putting in so much effort, go to german-stories.com/the-best-way-to-learn-german

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