43: Du wolltest mein Buch verkaufen! | You wanted to sell my book!

German dinner foods, bring up and disarm arguments & adjective declensions: eine internationale Stadt / ein grüner Tee / ein leckeres Bier / schöne Ecken.

Scandal at the dinner buffet! Paul confronts Anna. He followed her and thinks he saw her trying to sell his book. And she was seen on the surveillance video with her bag. He also mentions her criminal record for theft. Anna is outraged. She was just trying to find a present for Paul’s birthday which he completely forgot. That’s why she was looking for her old job hunting book at home. She put that big book in her handbag – that’s why it wouldn’t close. She brought it to Berlin to show it to a book seller so that she can buy Paul the same book as a brand new edition. Taking a long time to find the book in her apartment was the reason she was late at the train station in Munich. Not because of a broken bicycle. Also, her cell phone was not empty. She just didn’t have time to answer it. Anna’s gift is just as big as Paul’s lost book. She says: “This is the same bag as at the party. Your gift doesn’t quite fit into the handbag. So THE book doesn’t fit either, you idiot!“ She slams the new job hunting book she bought for Paul on the table and walks away. If his lost book had been in her bag, he would have seen it sticking out in the surveillance video. He realizes, Fritz is also innocent – his bag has the same size as Anna’s bag. Paul mentioned Anna’s criminal record. That was against his promise which he made to Fritz earlier. Only police officers can get such information. Will Fritz be angry about this?

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