44: Warum habe ich diese Idee erst jetzt? | Why do I only have this idea now?

Describe how things played out, and reasons for it & adjective declensions in the accusative: den großen Busch / einen großen Busch / großen Busch.

Paul celebrates his birthday alone at home. He has no more friends. Now Fritz is mad at him, too, because he told Anna that he knows about her criminal record. He could have only got that information from a police officer like Fritz. He has an idea: Maybe someone threw the book out of the balcony at the party and picked it up from the bushes below afterwards? That way, the whole mystery is completely open again. Paul writes a message to the caretaker: Are there security cameras outside? He starts to feel ill. Was the book thrown down from the balcony? Who has it? Are there also security cameras outside?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/44-warum-habe-ich-diese-idee-erst-jetzt-adjective-declensions-accusative

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