55: Alle Männer sind gleich! | All men are the same!

Internet related words & dative with plural and indefinite articles: einem Mann / keiner Frau.

Paul is sitting in bed with his laptop, researching surf spots in Germany. Unfortunately, there are far too many of them. He needs more information before he can go on with his search. He finds Laura’s e-mail in the spam folder: She saw him yesterday and thinks he has a wife and a child. That’s because he helped his neighbor carry her shopping bags. Paul stays calm and gives her his Whatsapp number. She explains that she deleted her profile because the Finder app is stupid. And she actually wanted to get in touch with him by e-mail. But then she saw on Facebook that he is a friend of Fritz’s. She says Fritz is boring and probably only has boring friends (Paul). Then she annoys him even more by bombarding him with messages. Paul doesn’t feel like answering any more. But an idea occurs to him regarding the problem with Fritz’s landlord and garage door repairs. What is Paul’s idea?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/55-alle-manner-sind-gleich-dative-einem-keinem-einer

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