66: Der Freund, den Paul sucht | The friend that Paul is looking for

Talk about social problem areas and career choices, tip the waitress & subordinate clause with accusative (der Mann, den ich sehe).

Paul is out with Laura when she tells him that Fritz always dreamed of owning a holiday home by the beach, maybe on the North Sea or Baltic Sea. Laura asks about Paul's job. Since he's jobless, he lies, saying he's a librarian but looking for something new. Laura is disappointed because Paul doesn't have a clear job goal. So now Paul really wants to find a job. He puts the big puzzle together: Fritz must be at a beachside holiday home with a garage and garden. And Paul’s missing book is surely also there. It turns out, by capturing the Großkauf thieves, Fritz got a promotion, money, and a vacation. Can Paul finally change his aimlessness? And where exactly is this holiday home?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/66-der-freund-den-paul-sucht-german-accusative-sub-clause/

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Music by Trygve Larsen from Pixabay.