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A German podcast with training wheels

The characters in our story DON’T speak at a regular speed, just like native speakers among themselves. They do speak natural German though. We put in countless hours of work to direct every voice actor so that he or she speaks a bit slower and more clearly, adapted to the language level. You can always speed up the audio in the app. We believe this is the better way. Just as we believe that at the beginning, training wheels teach a child to ride a bike better than bruises from falls.

There is a constant, low amount of new words per episode. When writing a learning story it’s easy to get carried away by an idea for a dialog. But that can result in an episode having way too many new words. Imagine your teacher tells you “Yay! I prepared an awesome story for today’s German class! You just have to learn these 53 new words so you can understand it, ok?” That would be cruel. We counted every word and went through endless writing and re-writing sessions for every episode to make sure that didn’t happen to our story.

We start from zero, and lead you in small steps to your goal. It’s not difficult to create a learning story and jump to complicated grammatical structures early on, just so the author doesn’t have a hard time writing. But it’s very difficult to fit your writing into a well structured teaching plan, so that the student doesn’t have too much trouble learning German. We did it the hard way. Hard for us, easy for you: Luckily there’s only a little bit of grammar per episode for you to learn. If you’re curious about our motivations behind putting in so much effort, check out this page.

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1 | Ich bin Paul

I am Paul


Topic: greet someone, speak formally
Grammar: personal pronouns: Sie, ich, er

German lessons: 1 | Ich bin Paul / I am Paul: Paul and Meili meeting for the first time Topic: greet someone, speak formally Grammar: personal pronouns: Sie, ich, er

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