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Learn German with the only podcast that picks you up at your level, leads you to your goal in small steps, and has an ongoing story that makes you hungry for more. This audio drama (level A1++) will have 100 lessons, a cast of more than 30 voice actors, and one full-blown story. Just start with the first episode, and enjoy your way up. Check out the trailer in the player below to see if you like our show!

The story: Paul is having a good time in Munich, Germany. But after a barbecue party with his friends, something is missing. Something very important that causes a lot of drama. If he can’t get it back, this crisis will get out of hand. That’s when Paul becomes involved in intrigues. Did one of his friends steal it? He has to investigate the darkest corners. And even travel across Germany … Can he find it and get his old life back?

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1 | Ich bin Paul

I am Paul


Topic: greet someone, speak formally
Grammar: personal pronouns: Sie, ich, er

German lessons: 1 | Ich bin Paul / I am Paul: Paul and Meili meeting for the first time Topic: greet someone, speak formally Grammar: personal pronouns: Sie, ich, er

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