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We’ve probably heard your question before. So, here is your instant answer:

Why can’t I see the lessons above 11?

You’re probably logged out. Just log in again.

Do you have an app for IOS and Android?

Even better. We have an app that runs on almost any device. No app store needed. Install it here in seconds!

Where is the link for Christian’s private classes?

The link leads you to the available times and prices.

I’m having technical issues. How to fix?

Just try this: Delete the cache on your device. Delete and re-install the web app. Try using the browser instead of the web app. Update your operating system (Windows, Android, …). Update your browser (Safari, Chrome, …). Try using another browser. Try using another device. If this quick fix doesn’t help, please contact us below.

Is there another way I can support you?

Sure. You can buy us a cup of coffee here.

Can I get an email when a new lesson or feature is out?

Of course. Just click here.

I have another question.

Just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.