49 | Hat er das nicht gesagt?

perfect tense

Ask for information about people, talk about smartphones

Perfect tense: er hat erzählt / gesagt

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45 | Haben Sie Fieber?

accusative pronouns n-declension

Body parts, describe your illness

Accusative personal pronouns:
mich / dich / ihn / uns / euch & introduction to the n-declension

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42 | Ich muss etwas machen!

learn German adjective declensions

Evaluate options, negotiate, make a decision

Adjective declensions: das wertvolle Buch / der alte Verkäufer

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32 | Das Video

describe people’s actions

Talk about law and permissions, describe people’s actions

Noun-noun composites: Hausflur / Hausmeister / Wohnungseingang

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31 | Meine Hobbys sind …

talk about hobbies, make small talk, four seasons, possessive pronouns: unser, unsere, euer / eure

Talk about hobbies, make small talk, four seasons

Possessive pronouns: unser(e), euer/eure

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