30 | Ich bin doch kein Stalker!

possessive pronouns 24-hour clock

Justify actions, reflect on a situation, read the 24-hour clock

Possessive pronouns: dein(e), sein(e), ihr(e)

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29 | Mein Fahrrad ist kaputt

analog clock make appointments

Make appointments, read the analog clock (tell the time)

Possessive pronouns: mein(e), Ihr(e)

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28 | Du musst es finden!

gender of nouns summary

Order somebody to do something, express disappointment

Determine the gender of nouns by their meanings 4, gender summary

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27 | Wo ist es?

nouns gender weather words

Describe a problem, express compassion

Determine the gender of nouns by their meanings 3

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26 | Paul braucht Hilfe

advice discuss weekend plans

Give advice, discuss weekend plans, ask for help

Determine the gender of nouns by their meanings 2

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25 | Es ist nicht mehr da!

times of the day

Times of the day, despair and anger

Determine the gender of nouns by their meanings & modal verb dürfen and modal verb summary

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24 | Die Party

congratulate describe situations objects

Describe and evaluate situations and objects, congratulate

Gender of nouns: words with endings -ei / -schaft

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23 | Pauls Wohnung

rooms of an apartment

Rooms of an apartment

Gender of nouns: words with endings -ung / -heit / -keit

21 | Wie bitte?

gender of nouns

Describe objects, furniture, ask for repetition

Gender of nouns: words with endings -chen and -lein

19 | Danke für die Einladung

German sentence structure tecamolo

Informal salutations and complimentary closes in emails

Sentence structure with “tecamolo”, comparison, contrast

18 | Kommt Laura zur Party?

irregular verbs & modal particle ‚aber‘

Greetings and farewells in a text message

Irregular verbs: geben / lesen / sehen, modal particle ‚aber‘

16 | Eine Party! Super Idee!

modal particles denn & ja

Explain a situation, give advice, make it up with somebody

Irregular verbs: sprechen / essen / treffen, modal particles ‚denn‘ & ‚ja‘

14 | Schnitzel oder Pizza?

irregular verbs

Express eating preferences, decide on different options and prices

Irregular verbs: wollen / heißen / möchten, modal particle ‚doch‘

12 | Paul sucht ein Date

sentence structures

Online profiles, understand descriptions of people

Irregular verbs: sein/haben, sentence type summary

11 | Das Buch

nein VS nicht VS kein

Give and receive advice and gifts

Articles kein/keine VS ein/eine, nein VS nicht VS kein