63: Das Oktoberfest | The Oktoberfest

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Tell a story about the past, make conclusions & temporal prepositions: vor, nach, seit.

Paul’s mom feels guilty because he got fired and so she transferred € 500 to his account. He pretends to know what kind of job he wants and says he’ll tell her next time.

62: Das Date mit Laura | The date with Laura

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Emphasize the negative aspects of a person, make a friendly suggestion & Substituite forms for the imperative: Nicht so viel trinken! / Lass uns das nehmen!

Paul writes his mother that he wants to borrow 500 € from her. He lies and says it’s for new clothes for a job interview – not for the Oktoberfest.

61: Die Hosen passen zu den Hemden | The pants match the shirts

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Make suggestions and give commands & Imperative with Sie: kommen Sie / suggestion with wir: gehen wir.

Paul is buying new clothes to be prepared in case he is invited to a job interview. He doesn’t have a lot of money, so he doesn’t want to buy much. But he gets too excited.

59: Geh ins Wohnzimmer und iss! | Go into the living room and eat!

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Give commands and instructions & imperative with du: sei / iss / sag / antworte / öffne / fahr / geh.

Paul writes Anna to ask her for some clothing store recommendations and learns about Meili’s problems. Then he visits his parents for coffee and cake. Now they’re very friendly to him for a reason.

58: Meili, du bist draußen! | Meili, you’re out!

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Joke about a singing performance, talk about TV and university & dative and prepositions: zu der Frau / zum Glück / von der Hose / vom Mann.

Anna and Meili are watching a talent show. Anna needs to break it to Meili that she missed a deadline at the university. She obviously had no clue.

57: Die Zeit läuft | The time is running

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Analyze your social circle, express solutions for problems & dative and prepositions: mit dem Garagenöffner / nach dem Fußballspiel and n-declension in the dative.

Anna and Tim aren’t mad at Paul anymore. But Meili still is. And Fritz is gone. Paul has to get Meili to forgive him.

56: Müller schießt aus der Ecke | Müller shoots from the corner

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Talk about football (soccer), make arrangements & dative and prepositions: aus der Ecke / bei dem Foul.

Paul and Tim were at a football (soccer) game – Paul had invited him and paid for the tickets. As a thank you, Tim calls Fritz’s landlord and pretends to be Fritz.

55: Alle Männer sind gleich! | All men are the same!

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Internet related words & dative with plural and indefinite articles: einem Mann / keiner Frau.

Paul is sitting in bed with his laptop, researching surf spots in Germany. Unfortunately, there are far too many of them. He needs more information before he can go on with his search. He finds Laura’s e-mail in the spam folder.

54: Ich schreibe dem Vermieter | I write the landlord

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Address related words for sending letters & the dative case (dem, der, dem).

Paul is near his apartment and opens Fritz’s letter. It’s two weeks old and it has the cell phone number of Fritz’s landlord. Paul wants to call him and have the garage door repaired in Fritz’s name.

53: Paul fährt zu Fritz’ Wohnung | Paul drives to Fritz’s apartment

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Use cool words like a teenager & temporal prepositions: im, am, um.

Paul is at Fritz’s apartment. He finds a letter from his landlord and a garage door opener with a broken sticker. He recognizes that it belongs to Fritz. The opener works, but the garage door won’t open. The door may be broken.

52: Hast du dich verletzt? | Did you hurt yourself?

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Tell a story, talk about an accident & perfect tense with separable and reflexive verbs.

Anna has to empty her basement by herself. Her landlord puts pressure on her, but doesn’t help. She drops a box because her shoulder hurts again. That’s when Paul arrives. She reluctantly accepts his help.

51: Das Lager ist nicht schlecht gewesen | The camp hasn’t been bad

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Describe your situation in the past & perfect tense: wir sind gewesen / gelandet.

Paul is still with Grandpa while Meili is sending a link from Fritz’s Facebook page. Fritz was promoted because he caught the Großkauf thieves. That must be the reason why he is now the new head of the theft department.

50: 1941 war Opa ein Pilot | In 1941 Grandpa was a pilot

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Talk about former times and history & perfect tense: er hat gesehen / vergessen.

Paul visits Grandpa. And he asks his friends in the group chat about Fritz. But he kept everything as a secret. So they don’t know anything. And they are still angry at Paul. It seems it’s Fritz who has the book.

49: Hat er das nicht gesagt? | Hasn’t he said that?

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Ask for information about people, talk about smartphones & perfect tense: er hat erzählt / gesagt.

Paul wants to visit Fritz at the police station and report the theft, but he is not there. He is the new head of the theft department and is currently on vacation. It seems Fritz was hiding this.

48: Freut ihr euch jetzt? | Are you happy now?

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Facilities and locations in the city & reflexive pronouns and reflexive verbs.

Paul is sad and on his way to the police station to file a report. His parents call him. They stress him again. Paul counters: They don’t help, and they didn’t even try to warn him of his mistake which cost Paul his job.

47: Nehmen Sie das mit! | Take that with you!

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Restructure the workforce & separable verbs & sentence structure.

Paul is getting fired. He wasn’t aware that he didn’t report his illness to his boss. Instead, he accidentally sent the message to his dad – who didn’t warn him of his mistake. So he was absent without notice. He clears his desk and calls Grandpa.

46: Ich brauch’ Obst, Gemüse und Fleisch | I need fruit, vegetables, and meat

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Grocery shopping, measurements, weight & sentence structure, subordinate clause.

Paul is sick. He’s doing his grocery shopping in the supermarket. After that, he wants to go home, take sleeping pills, and write a message to his boss about his sick leave. Things are not going well at work at the moment. He should play less detective.

45: Haben Sie Fieber? | Do you have a fever?

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Name body parts, describe your illness to the doctor & personal pronouns in the accusative: mich / dich / ihn / uns / euch & introduction to the n-declension.

Paul is at the doctor’s because he got sick. The caretaker replies to his message: There are no cameras on the outside of Paul’s apartment building.

44: Warum habe ich diese Idee erst jetzt? | Why do I only have this idea now?

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Describe how things played out, and reasons for it & adjective declensions in the accusative: den großen Busch / einen großen Busch / großen Busch.

Paul celebrates his birthday alone at home. He has no more friends. Now Fritz is mad at him, too, because he told Anna that he knows about her criminal record.