37: Der Fehler war / die Fehler waren blöd | The mistake was / the mistakes were stupid

Text: e-mail, use simple past tense for written language & plural: nouns that get no ending but sometimes change to an ä/ö/ü, simple past forms for regular verbs.

Fritz reads Paul’s invitation email. He cleverly used the information about Anna’s criminal record without giving away that he knows about it. He described his own theft as a child and the feelings of guilt that went with it. In doing so, he very skillfully created understanding for his situation. Fritz and Anna will join Paul on the trip to Berlin. But they don’t know anything about the surveillance video or Paul’s intention. What exactly is he going to do in Berlin?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/37-der-fehler-war-die-fehler-waren-blod-email-plural-past

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