The best way to learn German

Best way to learn German: When you can't wait to hear what happens next lesson!

The best way to learn German

We felt that the best way to learn German is NOT using the old style teaching material with chapters full of tiny texts and unrelated stories. Our idea was to spoon-feed you German in very small bits. And to tell you parts of a big story at the same time. But not just any story. An awesome, full-blown story with different storylines that continues throughout all lessons. We wanted to keep you motivated and say “I can’t wait to find out what happens next episode!”

The result is an inspiring audio drama for learning German, suitable for ages 12 and up. German Stories is a big production: 100 episodes, a cast of more than 30 voice actors, and over 1 ½ years of work before we even published our first lesson. And that’s only for the level A1++! If you’re curious why it was so much work, you can find out more at the bottom of this page. Just start this series at the beginning, and enjoy the story on your way up. The dialogues will get longer and the vocab will get more extensive later on.

Make a FREE ACCOUNT now to get the most out of it: Speaking, reading, listening, and writing exercises, and also Grammar, and vocabulary drills, as well as Dynamic story transcripts leave nothing to be desired. In addition, there is a Vocabulary Coach, a Grammar Explainer, an Immersive Learning mini app, a Lesson plan with progress tracker, additional hints, and learning tips. To speed up your learning, we include the English language directly in the learning process. That way, we can easily explain similarities, as well as false friends. We are convinced that this is the best way to learn German.

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1 | Ich bin Paul

I am Paul


Topic: greet someone, speak formally
Grammar: personal pronouns: Sie, ich, er

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