About German Stories

We figured that the best way to learn German is not using the old style teaching material. The kind that has unrelated texts which will be irrelevant in the next chapter. But how to make it better?

We thought, what if the “Hello, my name is …” dialog in chapter 1 of any textbook was continued into a full-fledged story? What if it unlocked the grammar and vocabulary in small steps along the way? What if the learner couldn’t wait to find out what happened next?

This idea was the beginning of German Stories.

Christian Leuschner

Many voice actors, graphic designers and web developers work on German Stories. But the man who puts it all together is me, Christian Leuschner. I am a certified teacher of German as a foreign language. I’m the creator and show host of the German Stories podcast, and the guy who runs this learning platform. My further background is in journalism and copywriting. Fitness, foreign languages and creative spirit are my strengths. Forgetting the birthdays of the people around me is my weak point. I speak German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese.

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