47: Nehmen Sie das mit! | Take that with you!

Restructure the workforce & separable verbs & sentence structure.

Paul is getting fired. He wasn’t aware that he didn’t report his illness to his boss. Instead, he accidentally sent the message to his dad – who didn’t warn him of his mistake. So he was absent without notice. He clears his desk and calls Grandpa who says there is something Paul doesn’t know yet about the book. He should bring it with him tomorrow. That way Grandpa can explain it. Paul is not sure if he should really confess that he lost the book. He hopes that Grandpa will forget this by tomorrow. Why didn’t Paul’s Father warn him? What does Grandpa want to tell him about the book? Will he confess that he lost it?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/47-nehmen-sie-das-mit-separable-verbs

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