49: Hat er das nicht gesagt? | Hasn’t he said that?

Ask for information about people, talk about smartphones & perfect tense: er hat erzählt / gesagt.

Paul wants to visit Fritz at the police station and report the theft, but he is not there. He is the new head of the theft department and is currently on vacation. That seems to be something that Fritz has been hiding. Does he have the book? If so, then he would become aware of the report. Therefore, Paul doesn’t file charges. He gets a message from his mom: His dad is addicted to mobile phone games, and he now only has an old Nokia phone. He can’t be blamed that Paul lost his job because he can no longer receive WhatsApp messages. Apparently she has given him a smartphone ban. So that’s what she was trying to tell him on the phone in Berlin when she said Father has problems. Paul is desperate. Fritz is the new head of the theft department? Why? For what reason does he keep that as a secret? And he is on vacation now? Where? For how long? Why is he so mysterious?

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