51: Das Lager ist nicht schlecht gewesen | The camp hasn’t been bad

Describe your situation in the past & perfect tense: wir sind gewesen / gelandet.

Paul is still with Grandpa while Meili is sending a link from Fritz’s Facebook page. Fritz was promoted because he caught the Großkauf thieves. That must be the reason why he is now the new head of the theft department. Anna writes that she has to empty her basement. She has a deadline, but a friend who wanted to help her just didn’t show up. Even though nobody else can step in she still refuses Paul’s help. Grandpa talks about „landing“ his plane in a forest and being a prisoner of war. Paul remembers Anna’s shoulder is injured. She cannot carry anything. Grandpa advises him to quickly go help Anna. So he fortunately doesn’t remember to ask Paul about the book. Where are Fritz and the book? Why did he keep his promotion a secret? What will Anna say when Paul comes to help even though she refused?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/51-das-lager-ist-nicht-schlecht-gewesen-perfect-with-sein

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