58: Meili, du bist draußen! | Meili, you’re out!

Joke about a singing performance, talk about TV and university & dative and prepositions: zu der Frau / zum Glück / von der Hose / vom Mann. Anna and Meili are watching a talent show. Anna needs to break it to Meili that she missed a deadline at the university. She obviously had no clue and is devastated. It means that she can no longer take courses and she won’t get a visa anymore. Maybe she has to pack up and go back to China without finishing her studies. Paul’s message from the last episode arrives at the worst possible moment. Will Meili have to leave Germany because of visa problems? Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/58-meili-du-bist-draussen-dative-zu-von

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Music by ZakharValaha from Pixabay

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