59: Geh ins Wohnzimmer und iss! | Go into the living room and eat!

Give commands and instructions & imperative with du: sei / iss / sag / antworte / öffne / fahr / geh.

Paul writes Anna to ask her for some clothing store recommendations and learns about Meili’s problems. Then he visits his parents for coffee and cake. Now they are very friendly to him because they have a guilty conscience: Paul has lost his job which is partly their fault. And Laura writes him that she is Fritz’s ex-girlfriend. Paul thinks that’s good because then she’ll have information about him. But she surely thinks that Paul has a problem with it. So his plan to get a date with her is at risk. He needs to find a way to say he doesn’t like Fritz anymore without getting into talking about problems a lot – it’s far too early for that. Paul’s father brags about his important friends, including the head of the university. That’s when he gets an idea how his parents can help him, and they are very interested to hear about it. How can his parents help? What should he write back to Laura?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/59-geh-ins-wohnzimmer-und-iss-german-imperative-with-du

Our easy German learning structure

It’s not difficult to create a learning story and jump to complicated grammatical structures early on, just so the author doesn’t have a hard time writing. But it’s very difficult to fit your writing into a well structured teaching plan, so that the student doesn’t have too much trouble learning German.
We did it the hard way. Hard for us, easy for you: German Stories starts from zero, and leads you to your goal in small steps. Luckily there’s only a little bit of grammar per episode for you to learn. If you’re curious about our motivations behind putting in so much effort, go to german-stories.com/the-best-way-to-learn-german

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