61: Die Hosen passen zu den Hemden | The pants match the shirts

Make suggestions and give commands & Imperative with Sie: kommen Sie / suggestion with wir: gehen wir.

Paul is buying new clothes to be prepared in case he is invited to a job interview. He doesn’t have a lot of money, so he doesn’t want to buy much. But he gets too excited and ends up on a shopping frenzy. Meili is happy because her problems are gone. That makes Tim and Anna happy, too. Paul takes the opportunity to invite all of them to the Oktoberfest. But due to his shopping frenzy, his bank account is now in the red. He has to borrow money from his parents. But maybe they won’t help him yet again… Will his parents do him this second favor as well?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/61-die-hosen-passen-zu-den-hemden-imperative-with-sie

Learning German with training wheels

The characters in our story DON’T speak at a regular speed, just like native speakers among themselves. Why?
They speak natural German. But we put in countless hours of work to direct every voice actor so that he or she speaks a bit slower and more clearly, adapted to the language level. You can always speed up the audio in the app. We believe this is the better way. Just as we believe that at the beginning, training wheels teach a child to ride a bike better than bruises from falls do. If you want know why we spent over 1 1/2 years of work before we even published our first lesson, go to german-stories.com/the-best-way-to-learn-german

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Music by Oleksii Kaplunskyi from Pixabay

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