63: Das Oktoberfest | The Oktoberfest

Tell a story about the past, make conclusions & temporal prepositions: vor, nach, seit.

Paul’s mom feels guilty because he got fired and so she transferred € 500 to his account. He pretends to know what kind of job he wants and says he’ll tell her next time. So he is spared from having to tell his friends that they have to pay themselves, even though he said „it’s my treat“. He meets them at the Oktoberfest. It turns out that Fritz had a girlfriend the whole time. On the trip to Berlin he has always been on the phone and he also mentioned a garden. But Fritz’s apartment doesn’t have a garden! Paul shows the garage door opener with the broken sticker to his friends. Tim says it might not be broken. The form of the sticker could represent a lake. Grandpa calls and Paul promises to visit him tomorrow. And he wonders if Laura was just being polite on their date because she hasn’t answered him yet. Will grandpa want to see the book tomorrow? Is Laura ghosting him again? Will his parents find out he lied because he doesn’t actually know what job he wants? What garden was Fritz talking about? Does the symbol on the garage door opener represent a lake?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/63-das-oktoberfest-prepositions-oktoberfest-and-lederhosen

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Music by Julius H. and Trygve Larsen from Pixabay.

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