62: Das Date mit Laura | The date with Laura

Emphasize the negative aspects of a person, make a friendly suggestion & Substituite forms for the imperative: Nicht so viel trinken! / Lass uns das nehmen!

Paul writes his mother that he wants to borrow 500 € from her. He lies and says it’s for new clothes for a job interview – not for treating his friends to the Oktoberfest directly after a shopping frenzy. And he pretends to know what kind of job he wants. Tim thanks Paul for helping him meet Meili at the Oktoberfest. Paul meets Laura for the first time. She’s nice, they flirt, and she says that Fritz has always been overeager about his career. The date goes well, thinks Paul. Or does it? Is Paul’s lie enough to get the money from his parents? Is Laura really enjoying the date or is she just being polite?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/62-das-date-mit-laura-substitute-forms-for-imperative

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