64: Opa wollte weg aus der DDR | Grandpa wanted to leave the GDR

Explain economics and politics in very simple words & temporal prepositions: ab; von ... bis; zwischen.

Everyone thinks that the sticker on Fritz's garage door opener is in the shape of a lake. Therefore, Paul looks for it on the internet. But he cannot find such a lake in all of Germany. He thinks there is little hope because Fritz is certainly abroad. Laura writes: She saw Paul's Oktoberfest photos on Whatsapp and she also wants to go there with him. Grandpa talks about his time in the GDR. At first, Paul is fascinated by the GDR, but then he hears about the Stasi. He can barely prevent Grandpa from remembering the book. Will Grandpa remember asking him about the book, or is Paul lucky?

Transcript, lesson and extras: german-stories.com/64-opa-wollte-weg-aus-der-ddr-prepositions-von-bis-ab-zwischen

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