Exercise 2 for Lesson 7


We complete all singular verb forms in our list of regular verbs:

kommen (to come)  

ich komme 
du kommst
er, sie, es kommt

wohnen (to live)

ich wohne
du wohnst
er, sie, es wohnt

arbeiten (to work)

ich arbeite
du arbeitest
er, sie, es arbeitet

So, with er, sie, and es, we add the ending -t to a verb. Except if it would result in strange things (like ‚arbeitt with a double t). In these cases we add an extra e so the regular verb ending becomes et.

learn to ride with training wheels

Remember: At the moment you’re still riding with training wheels. That means, in our writing exercises it is currently no problem if you forget a punctuation mark (,.!?) or disregard upper and lower case. But that will change soon! In the future, all nouns and sentence beginnings must be written in upper case and the rest in lower case.

  2   Complete the lines
If you can’t write äöü, and ß then replace them with aeoeue, and ss.

Use all the verb endings for I, you, he, she, it from the above grammar section – including the unchanged verb forms.

  • er kommt

  • er trink
  • du kommst

  • du studier
  • ich wohne

  • ich telefonier
  • arbeiten

  • studier
  • ich trink
  • sie mach
  • geh
  • du arbeitest

  • du geh
  • sie wohnt

  • du trink
  • du sagst

  • ich komm
  • ich mach

  • trinken
  • du telefonier
  • telefonier
  • ich sag
  • du wohn
  • ich studier
  • sie telefonier
  • ich suche

  • sag
  • es geht

  • sie such
  • er sag
  • komm
  • er arbeitet

  • such
  • du mach
  • du such
  • ich arbeit
  • ich gehe

  • wohn
  • machen

  • sie studier


2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    It is confusing if “sie”mean she ot they in this exercise. Can be better specified, please?
    Otherwise the solution may be full of mistakes.


    1. Hi!
      It’s specified in the exercise: “Use all the verb endings from the above grammar section”. These are the conjugations you should use. There is no “they” for example. Only I, you, he, she, and it. I added this sentence to the exercise now.
      Hope that helps.

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